Buy a Phone

Browse our selection of expertly refurbished cell phones and find the one that fits you…and your budget.

Sell Your Broken Phone

With CellXPress’s Store Now you have a place where you can actually get cash for your broken phone – Get cash on the spot.

Data Backup and Reintegration

In case of software problems (bugs, delays, etc.), resetting your device may result in data loss. We will offer you a backup of your data before any repair. You can choose to back up your address book only or all your personal data.

Buy, or Sell

Don’t want to fix your phone? Just want the latest gadget? Buy. Sell.


Do you have a phone graveyard in your junk drawer? An old tablet, e-reader, or music player that’s just taking up your valuable storage space? We are here to help you turn those old devices into cash on the spot!

Bring us your old smart device, and we’ll buy it for cash on the spot. When we receive these used devices, our expert repair team will use them for parts. We do not re-sell them directly to the public.

So whether you are looking to sell, or buy a used device come in to your local CellXPress for a great deal!

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Fast Pay

Get paid fast when you bring in your broken cell phone or device!

We will pay you right away for your broken devices or we will give you a credit for your purchase.

30 Day Warranty

30 Days Hussle Free Warranty For Your Device!

We provide 30 Day Warranty on our devices. Battery, touch screen and device functionality are fully covered by this 30 Days Warranty. However, physical and water damage won’t be covered.

No Risk

Selling your broken cell phone or device to CellXpress is risk-free.

Like in any other good relationship, we feel that honesty is the best policy. If for any reason we do not see eye-to-eye on the value of any item you bring to us, request it back at no cost to you.